Helpful Facts

You can open an account by calling our lab toll-free at 800-723-5227 and asking for Sales or Client Services.

Our representative will answer your questions on our capabilities, prepare a quotation, and setup a bottle order for you. You will need to supply your billing address and your report-to address. Our standard terms are net 30 days from the invoice date.

Conditions of Service

  • BOTTLE KITS: Belmont Labs bottle kits consists of a shipping container (ice chest), all sample bottles, preservatives (as applicable), ice packs, packing material, and chain of custody forms. Bottle kits will be prepared and shipped to the site within five (5) business days after notification by client.
  • CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY: All samples must be accompanied by a chain of custody form. BL will include a copy of the chain-of-custody with the final report.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: BL maintains the strictest confidentiality in all of our client interactions. Laboratory results are retained a minimum of three (3) years. They are maintained as the confidential property of our clients. Release of reports must meet both our approval and that of our clients. If you (or your client) require a signed confidentiality agreement, BL will gladly comply.
  • COMPOSITING SAMPLES: A fee will be charged for compositing samples prior to analysis.
  • COURIER SERVICE: Stops on or near our regularly scheduled routes are free of charge. For unscheduled pickups or samples valued less than $2500 there is a nominal fee. Same day and time specific pickups are available for an additional charge. Call our marketing or customer service department for additional information. Request for pick-ups must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance.
  • CREDIT TERMS: Payment in advance is required for all clients except those whose credit has been established with BL. Our credit terms to approved clients are net 30 days. On all accounts, a 2% service charge is added to open invoices beyond 30 days.
  • DISCOUNTS: The BL Fee Schedule is based on single sample rates. We offer both volume (gross billings) and frequency discounts. The number and nature of requested analyses determine these. Please contact our marketing department for quotations.
  • LITIGATION: All costs associated with compliance to any subpoena for documents, testimony in a court of law, or for any other purpose relating to work performed by BL shall be paid by the client.
  • MULTIPHASE SAMPLES: Any sampling consisting of more than one phase (e.g. water/oil, solid/liquid, etc.) will have each phase analyzed individually and invoiced as separate samples, unless accompanying instructions specify otherwise.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE SAMPLES: As a standard service, BL performs routine quality control protocol that consist of laboratory blanks, standards, controls, and spiked matrices. Additional QC samples which are included at the request of the client, and which we consider to be project specific, are billed at the applicable unit price for the analysis.
  • RUSH SERVICE: BL is uniquely able to offer extremely fast turn around. However, we ask for 48 hours advance notice if you require a rush analysis, so that we can schedule personnel and equipment appropriately. BL's rush charge is 25-200% above the listed fee, depending on the analyses requested.
  • SAMPLE CONTAINERS: BL will provide and ship appropriate sample containers to clients at no charge. Clients requesting overnight delivery of containers will be invoiced for freight. Containers requested by a client and not returned to the lab within 90 days are billable at cost.
  • SAMPLE COLLECTION: It is the client's responsibility to ensure proper sampling, sample preservation, and delivery to BL offices. BL cannot be held responsible for sample integrity prior to delivery.
  • STANDARD DELIVERY: BL typically provides emailed or faxed copies of results upon request. Final reports are typically sent 5-10 business days after receipt of samples. Special data packages will require an additional 7 days under most circumstances.
  • SUBMISSION: All samples must be accompanied by a chain of custody including the following information: sample location, sample type, time and date of collection, analysis requested, (including specific methods), requested report date, current billing address, purchase order number, and relevant anecdotal information (i.e., sample smelled of gasoline).
  • SAMPLE DISPOSAL: BL retains samples for 30 days after receipt, then disposes of them. Samples found to contain hazardous waste, according to definitions in state and/or federal guidelines, will be returned to the client upon completion of the analysis. Any such sample remains the property of the client.
  • WARRANTY: BL guarantees the accuracy of the test results for the sample as submitted. We disclaim any other warranties, expressed or implied. BL cannot accept any legal responsibility for the purposes for which a client uses the test results.
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